06 May 2010

Gay bashing Baptist Preacher in Hookergate - Update

Some weeks, the stories write themselves.

1. Dr. Rekers has claimed that he needed help with his luggage and that's why he went to Rentboy.com to find a companion for an otherwise solo ten day trip around Europe. He made Colbert's Alpha Dog of the Week.

2. The State of Arkansas, under GOP Presidential Hopeful Mike Hukabee, called Rekers to testify about how awful gay parents are for kids. His testimony was thrown out by judges, both at the county and State Supreme Court, as being biased, pseudo science, and one man's unsubstantiated opinion. He then sued the state for payment of $200,000 and eventually settled for $67,000 - for testimony that was declared useless. Nice use of taxpayer money, Rev. Huckabee.

From the Arkansas Leader:
The Arkansas Supreme Court concluded later that Rekers’ testimony was pointless and it declared Huckabee’s anti-gay rule unconstitutional. Rekers testifies as a scientific expert for states that adopt anti-gay laws. The states lose, but Rekers always takes in big fees. Rekers is supposed to be an expert in “conversion therapy,” the process of “curing” homosexuality.

Rekers upset his sponsors in Arkansas after the trial by demanding $200,000 for his expert services, which was more than Gov. Huckabee wanted to pay him. Rekers subsequently sued the state for $160,000 and eventually settled with the Department of Human Services. The taxpayers — that’s us — shelled out $60,000 to him for the privilege of being humiliated.
3. And NARTH has purportedly started to respond, sic's and all.

4. And for those keeping track at home, the Miami New Times has helpfully compiled a list of the top 10 outed homophobes.

Ah, George. Good luck with this one.

(Pic from NYDaily News, showing the good Reverand/ Doctor with his rentboy's profile pic.)


Jim said...

It's funy how these anti gay biggots keep getting caught in thse situations.

Bren in SoCal said...

Yeah, true - except it's so common now we ought to just start expecting it. The list is not short! This dude is a professionally trained psychologist - surely he would have read about projection at some point? All his efforts to prevent gay folks from being able to adopt, and dude hires a rent boy the SAME AGE as his adopted son (who Rekers adopted when he was 16)? Unbelievable... except it isn't, anymore, is it?
(And welcome to BLC, Jim!)