24 December 2008

The NFC West should be banned from the playoffs


Why do teams who play in crappy divisions get a free ride into the playoffs?
In the NFC, in recent history the JV to the AFC's Varsity, the Cardinals just stink slightly - slightly - less than the rest of the moribund division. The Cardinals clinched in week 14, ending the longest drought in NFL history between division titles (33 years - which means they last clinched when Phoenix's population was just over a million people and they were in Saint Louis) against, for irony's sake, I guess, the latest NFL team to call Saint Louis home. The Cards have collected 5 of their 8 wins versus the Niners, the Seahawks and the Rams, which are a collective 12-34.

Outside of their division, the Cardinals are 3-7, with wins against Dallas and those mighty, mighty AFC East powerhouses of Miami and Buffalo. (Which makes me wonder how it is that sad New England apologists are saying the Cheater* has done his BEST! COACHING JOB! EVER! How is it that you think the AFC East is any better than last year? Cuz they ain't.) The whole NFC West, the entire division, all four teams, have a TOTAL of six wins against teams with winning records (St. Louis at 2-13 with wins over Washington <8-7> and Dallas <9-6>; San Francisco at 6-9 with wins over the Jets <9-6> and Buffalo <7-8...>; and Seattle at 4-11 with a win over the Jets [I'll take 'beating a dead horse' for $400 please, Alex?]). And that's IT, for the whole division!

Arizona has dropped four of their last five by pretty hefty margins, by 40 @ New England (in late December, in case anyone needed more proof that the schedulers at the NFL take care of some franchises); by 21 at home to the Vikings; by 28 @ Philly and by 8 at home to the NY Giants. IN reverse order - they are getting demonstrably worse.

And the owner of this sad collection of poor performances gets a guaranteed home game!? Eesh.


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