18 June 2020

GOP Hypocricy - Again

In the tidal wave of news this week you might have missed this nugget: The Pandemic has created a coin shortage. Even though fewer Americans are using cash -- for lots of reasons that predate Covid-19 -- somehow there aren't enough coins in circulation.

Why do I possibly care about this? Because in the depths of that article in the Washington Post alerting us to the issue is this:
Rep. John Rose (R-Tenn.), however, said he has been hearing concerns from banks in his district that are receiving only a fraction of their weekly coin orders.
Rose mentioned one particular bank that may run out of coins by the end of this week or weekend and asked if the issue was on Powell’s radar.
I had never heard of John Rose (though it's too bad it's not Johnny Rose from Schitt's Creek) but I knew - I just KNEW, before I even looked - that Rep. John Rose (R-Tenn) was an implacable small government asshole because, well, he's a Republican and he's from Tennessee. And I was right.

What surprised me was just how implacable and how much of an asshole he is.

John Rose (R-Tenn) was
  • One of TWELVE people in the US House to vote against extending the 9/11 victims compensation fund - it passed 402-12 and President Trump signed it into law. His reasoning? Cost too much. 
  • One of 22 House members to vote against the NATO support act -- giving Trump a free hand to pull the US out of NATO if he wanted to (remember when that was on the President's radar? Thankfully he has the attention span of an over-sugared 7th grader). 
  • One of 22 House members to vote against the Ocean Acidification Innovation Act of 2019, which authorized "...Federal agencies to establish prize competitions for innovation or adaptation management development relating to ocean acidification." 
  • One of, well, one to block a disaster relief bill fast-track -- not because it wouldn't ultimately pass (the disasters had hit Republican states and GOP congress members' principled stand against relief funds, which they so firmly believed after Sandy, vanished) but just to make some kind of cranky point about how members votes should be on record. (And, since we're keeping score, wrote a letter to President Trump asking for tornado relief funds "as soon as possible.")
  • And the least effective member of the Tennessee US House delegation, passing 0 bills out of committee for House consideration and co-sponsoring the fewest bills. 
But hey, if you run a bank and need (literal) change, call your boy. He'll answer. A radical small government, less regulation guy, yes, unless a literal banker needs literal government intervention because they're literally running low on coins. Then John Rose (R-Tenn) believes in govt.

What an asshole. What a hypocrite. What a 2020 Republican. 

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