11 November 2008

Welcome to Bren's Left Coast

My first blog entry.

Since it's 1992 on my iPod and my closet still thinks Kurt Cobain is alive, I guess I'm not that far behind for my personal timeline.

This blog is going to be a forum for my political views, rants and action items, with occasional sports babble and gloating about how freakin' awesome life in Urban SoCal really is.

I've been thinking about this for a while. Some of you have, inexplicably, shown an interest in my opinions or asked for more of them as I started ranting about the South, the role of organized religion in idiocy, how Indiana was winnable for Barack, the logic behind the numbering scheme of the Interstate Highway System, why we should make Mexico take Tejas back, how the Colts could still make the playoffs, etc.

Instead of trying to remember whom was asking for what, it's all here: your one-stop fulmination station. Thanks for reading, and check back often. Pics to be added soon!


Unknown said...

Welcome to the intarwebs!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the new blog - it's great! You've inspired me to update my own blog. I know - it's about time I did!