22 February 2012

Photos from Dhaka

Here are some photos from my month in Bangladesh. All photos were taken in February 2012, and are the author's unless otherwise noted. All can be clicked to enlarge.

Below: Unintended irony. For the building next door or for the wiring, I wonder?

Below: Typical street view, from what I saw.

Below: spot I passed everyday. Note the wires.

Below: typical side street. Right behind me is where the child was breaking bricks.

Below: Building a highway overpass by hand.

Below: another street view.

Below - trying to give a sense of the density of the place. It just goes on, and on, and on...

Below - a loaded rickshaw van. I couldn't help but wonder every time I saw one: how much does that load weigh? And next, how many calories does this driver need a day to be able to peddle that load around town?

Below: Pollution made for dramatic sunsets - didn't really capture it here.

Below, Newmarket - one of the shopping centers in Dhaka.

Below, city bus on Airport Road.

Dhaka Int'l Airport on the way out of town. Honestly, it felt like a clear day. I was a little surprised when I saw the photo...

Sayonara, Dhaka!

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