18 November 2008

Slash and Perla rockin' against 8

How cool is this?

No, not the fact that I figured out how to embed a vid (and Fitz and Todd, you're off the hook, cuz you'd've rec'd emails, both of you), but that Slash and Perla are rockin' out against discrimination:


I've loved G'N'R since "Appetite for Destruction" came out in 1988; that was pretty much all we listened to that whole summer painting, and I could not hear "Sweet Child O' Mine" loudly enough. Or often enough. (That intro still makes my heart race a little. You can take the boy out of Indiana...) No idea what Axl is up to, but Slash is fighting the fight.

"Be loud. Be proud. Stand up for your rights."

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CFox said...

So, yeah. This frightens me. And I figure that posting comments here is a little like keeping in touch on FB, so I plan to post often. :-)