22 February 2010

Fowler, Indiana - February, 2010

Below: From US 52 looking east towards Sacred Heart Church (steeple), Fowler, Indiana; windmills in background.

Below: Looking south from the Fowler Park (Fowler, Indiana) across the pond; windmills in background.

Below: Looking SSE from the BP station in Fowler, Indiana, down US 52. The "new" grain elevator used to dominate the landscape as the most prominant human-made feature in the county. Then came the new water tower, and now it's the new windmills.

Looking NNE towards Fowler, Indiana, from Sacred Heart Cemetary on Windler Road. From left (west) to right: the old grain elevator, the new grain elevator, the new watertower and the smokestack from the old canning factory.

Below, Looking north across the Fowler Pool, Fowler, Indiana.

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