05 March 2010

How could you pass up a headline like this?

As reported in the Guardian (and others, including CNN which gives excerpts from transcripts):

"Vatican hit by gay sex scandal"
I mean... this is just too good not to read.

I'm not proud of my schadenfreude, I'm really not. But when someone in the Church - a married someone - is so highly placed as to be a member of the Pope's personal entourage as a "Gentleman of His Holiness" and "a senior adviser to the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples," and Carbonieri wire taps, which were originally procured for an investigation into corruption and bribery, yield evidence of that supposed corruption, yes, but also of male prostitution on this someone's part - I mean, come ON! There's only so much self-restraint I can be expected to demonstrate.

Evidently, "Gentlemen of His Holiness" have been around since Pope Leo I in 440 CE. How much you wanna wager that since roughly 440 CE there have been "Gentlemen of His Holiness" who have been interested in other "Gentlemen of His Holiness"?

Too bad it's not the Prada-wearing PapaNazi who was himself embroglioed in such a matter, for there's nothing more appreciated here at Bren'sLeftCoast then religious hypocrisy, but this is still pretty amusing.

It's sad, though, too, of course. This poor guy's life is over. The Chorister from the story who has been hooking this well placed Vaticanite up with company has already been fired. I hope the two Cuban lads, the former rugby player and the former male model from Milan who all consorted with the Vaticanite don't have experience any blowback from their association and get to keep their earnings.

I also hope for a time when the Vatican has better things to do - correction, when the Vatican realizes that it has better things to do - than myopically focus on groinal politics.

At some point don't you just throw in the towel and say "Look, some dudes are just gonna dig other dudes. We can't stop it. Let's talk some more about the work with poor people (or sweatshop workers or, or, or) that our people are doing..." ?

Until then, scandals will occur, choristers will catch the eyes of "Gentlemen of His Holiness," bad decisions will get made, and human nature will be denied.

And that stained glass curtain they're hiding behind,
Well, it never lets in the sun...


CFox said...

Coffee through the nose at "Prada-wearing PapaNazi." Nice. I was going to send you this link--several times--but had the same pause over schadenfraude. But yeah, I giggled, too.

Celeste said...
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Celeste said...

Hey, having some posting trouble! Take two.
This post reminds me of Will, the guy you should be writing more about. My guess is he is also a priest.
More Will!